Vein Care Center of Oklahoma.Located at Saint Francis Heart Hospital
Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Laser Procedure Work?

As laser energy is delivered it damages the vein walls, shrinking then closing the varicose vein. As blood stops flowing through the vein, the unsightly bulging disappears.

Can losing this vein cause any problems?

No. After treatment, the blood is diverted to the other existing veins in the leg.

Will I hurt after the procedure?

There may be minor soreness and bruising. Any discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter non-aspirin pain relievers as needed.

How successfull is Endovenous Laser Treatment?

Published clinical studies show that the Endovenous laser treatment has a 96-98% initial success rate with excellent long term results.

What are my Payment Options:

Insurance, Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, Discover